Stefan Salvatore RPH
I'm Amber, and I'm the Stefan Salvatore of roleplay critics. I'll do promos, and I make bad manips and graphics, go ahead and ask me anything.

Used to be: abelrpc/Jake Abel, wasilewskirpc/Paul Wesley, Penn Badgley


Underused Face Claim: Tammin Sursok

Age: 28

Known For: Pretty Little Liars, Aquamarine, Flicka, Flicka 2, The Young and The Restless

I see the rest of the cast of PLL(Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Tyler Blackburn, etc) being used all the time, and I’ve never seen Tammin. Why not? She’s gorgeous. And you could use her for a wide variety of characters. Not to mention I’m sure she has plenty of gifs because of PLL. Registered & Protected

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